This limited edition release is on orange vinyl in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.

We’ve remixed, remastered and re-sequenced our Jumpstart album, which was first released in 2013. A number of songs have also been axed, to give the album a tighter feel.  The album can be found on most streaming sites.

Volume 3 in our Blackbird series includes Blackbird Song and ‘Til Tomorrow, both written by the band. Ian Barrett’s linocut has been used once again.

A couple of weeks ago Goeran and Phil did an interview with Colin Peacock at Radio New Zealand for his Labour Day programme. The show told a bit of Syd’s story, played some of his (and our) music and was broadcast on October 23, 2017. Read more and listen to the interview  

Two new songs are out on streaming sites, as Volume 2 in our Blackbird series. Spotify link Both “Who’s Insane Now?” and “The Populist” were written by the band and are in some mysterious way connected. We’ve used the Ian Barrett linocut image and will do so again shortly with our next release.

We have a new single out on streaming sites from 30th March: “May A Man Be Merry” and “Dolly Rocker”. Unlike the live single we released in February, these are new studio recordings. This single is Volume 1 in a series we’ve called “Blackbird”. Spotify link “May A Man Be Merry” was written and recorded by … Läs mer