Saturday March 27 at 9.00 pm, Men On The Border is hosting a multimedia show from what is probably Swedens cultural center: Kulturcentrum, Sandviken, with special guests Amanda Örtenhag and Steven Kautzky Andersson. The band will also be joined by international guests performing songs and hopefully telling rude stories. Memories and videos from previous fan meetings celebrating the music, lyrics and art of Syd Barrett and early Floyd.


The online meeting will start 30 minutes ahead of show time, so come early for chatting and the candlelit start – it’s Earth Hour! Every year on the last Saturday in March, million of people across the world join together in raising awareness of the issues facing our planet. We will do the same. And we will donate 50% of the evenings’ proceeds to the World Wide Fund for Nature. By participating in this event you will support WWF in wilderness preservation the reduction of human impact on the environment. Isn’t it good to be lost in the wood?

Let us take you on a psychedelic journey to Cambridge, UK and around the world. You can expect an interactive, fun meeting with live music, videos, animations, light show, unique live interviews and some very special surprises from around the world.

Cover art: Ian Barrett

Our new album “Blackbirds” has now been released to streaming sites. This is an expanded version of the vinyl album we released in the summer of 2020 – in the dip between the first and second pandemic waves! And no gigs! So we’ve been looking forward to this release a lot. As usual, psychedelic rock and pop influences are very much in evidence. So, if you’re into that, you should give it a shot.

Additional tracks include new, supremely awesome versions of Arnold Layne, Lucifer Sam and especially the very weird and wonderful Bike, which includes a band composition, Ted Balding with the Weather.
The album can be found on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. Fun for all ages (except 43)!


Our latest album “Blackbird” will out on 12th June, 2020. This limited edition release is on orange vinyl in a beautiful gatefold sleeve. As exclusive as it gets! If you have an old-style – or a flashy new – record player you shouldn’t miss this. Even if you don’t have a record player at all, this is worth owning just to look at!

Copies of the album can be purchased for 249 kr (25 USD), online from Pet Sounds, or in the shop:

Pet Sounds
Skånegatan 53
116 37 Stockholm
Tel: 08-702 97 98


We’re playing a major concert at Berwaldhallen in Stockholm, on the 14th of November this year together with the Sandviken Symphony Orchestra: Syd Barrett: The Summer of Love. We’re also very pleased to announce that iconic guitarist Janne Schaffer will be guesting, along with our pals and true gentlemen Janne Stumsner and Peter Holmstedt from P-Floyd.

We all need something to look forward to, and this concert promises to be something special, as long as the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted by then. The final decision about the concert date will be taken ahead of the ticket release, which will be on 21 August, at 10.00 CET. 

As if Janne Schaffer and Jan Stumsner were not enough, Amanda Örtenhag has also kindly agreed to lend us her lovely vocal cords for this concert and the original Pink Floyd lighting designer Peter Wynne Willson will ship his amazing liquid light equipment from London to Stockholm to join us. Peter was described by Pink Floyd at the end of the 60s as “the fifth member of the band” when he designed their lighting and toured with them for several years. Peter provided lighting for our Cambridge concert in 2016 and makes a welcome return!

As he did in both Sandviken and Cambridge in 2016, playwright David Gale will once again narrate Syd Barrett’s story, from his youth in Cambridge, the Pink Floyd years, and their tragic aftermath. A fascinating story told with warmth and humour by David.

The larger part of the show will still be the music, which will include much of Barrett’s solo work, as well as songs from the early Pink Floyd era (bring on the hits!).


We’ve remixed, remastered and re-sequenced our Jumpstart album, which was first released in 2013. A number of songs have also been axed, to give the album a tighter feel. 

The album can be found on most streaming sites.


Volume 3 in our Blackbird series includes Blackbird Song and ‘Til Tomorrow, both written by the band.

Ian Barrett’s linocut has been used once again.


A couple of weeks ago Goeran and Phil did an interview with Colin Peacock at Radio New Zealand for his Labour Day programme. The show told a bit of Syd’s story, played some of his (and our) music and was broadcast on October 23, 2017.

Read more and listen to the interview



Two new songs are out on streaming sites, as Volume 2 in our Blackbird series.

Spotify link

Both “Who’s Insane Now?” and “The Populist” were written by the band and are in some mysterious way connected.

We’ve used the Ian Barrett linocut image and will do so again shortly with our next release.


We have a new single out on streaming sites from 30th March: “May A Man Be Merry” and “Dolly Rocker”. Unlike the live single we released in February, these are new studio recordings. This single is Volume 1 in a series we’ve called “Blackbird”.

Spotify link

“May A Man Be Merry” was written and recorded by Lionel Bart in 1968 for his failed psychedelic album “Isn’t this where we came in?” Unfortunately it didn’t quite fit in anywhere. Bart wrote huge hits for Cliff Richard (Living Doll), Tommy Steele and others in the 50’s and particularly the musical “Oliver” in 1960. “Oliver” was a massive hit both on the stage in London and Broadway, but also on film. Lionel’s flamboyant lifestyle, drugs and alcoholism caused a career nosedive. He put large sums of money into various musical projects for the London stage, but nothing took off. He managed to squander the millions he earned and sadly ended his life through liver cancer in 1999 at the age of 68. He was then living in a small apartment above a betting office in London.

Lionel was homosexual and by 1955 the expression “gay” had found a foothold in the language. But homosexuality was also illegal at that time, so had to be hidden. “Merry” would appear to be a euphemism for “gay” and the answer to the question “May a man be merry?” back then would have been no! You could definitely not be openly gay anyway. Lionel was a party animal, generous and by all accounts great fun to be around during the 60’s. Noel Coward once said he would ‘rather spend five minutes in a four-ale bar with Lionel Bart than a year’s yachting cruise with the Oxford Debating Society’.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1120183/The-genius-destroyed-Oliver-The-success-Lionel-Barts-masterpiece-sent-spiral-drug-fuelled-hedonism.html#ixzz4coiHEg80

“Dolly Rocker” is from a sketchy Syd Barrett demo, wildly unfinished, which we’ve reworked to a very large extent.

The great cover art has once again been created by Ian Barrett. It’s the first version of a linocut and will be used again as the next volumes in the “Blackbird” series are released.




A new, two-song live single has been unleashed on streaming sites. Long Gone was recorded in October last year at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. We shared the stage with fab guest singer Rachel Barrett and of course the very wonderful Sandviken Symphony Orchestra, led by Tomas Agnas. Olle Ljungström’s Something for the Waiting is an acoustic version, recorded live at Dalhalla in August and features the 10 musician strong psychedelic faction of the Sandviken Symphony Orchestra. What was to have been an electric concert at Dalhalla supporting P-Floyd, became an acoustic one. All our equipment got soaked in heavy rain during the afternoon before our first concert there, making it all totally unusable. But after 24 hours in a sauna, our amps and pedals had dried out, everything worked and we were able to perform the second night using our amps. But we like the acoustic version.

You can find the songs on Spotify here: spotify:album:0epa2v6TdMPdNLtuYixhmS

Look out for a bunch of new studio recordings to be released as winter drifts into spring.


12/2-2016 – Cambridge Corn Exchange confirmed

Now confirmed: we’ll be playing at the Corn/ Exchange in Cambridge, UK, on 27th October this year, together with the Sandviken Symphony Orchestra. The concert will be basically the same as the one being performed for the first time in Sandviken’s Kulturcentrum theatre on 24th September (see below). This will be a multimedia event as part of a celebration commemorating Cambridge son Syd Barrett, who died, aged 60 in 2006. The show will also include stories, film and photographs. Lighting will be by Peter Wynne Wilsson who worked with Pink Floyd between 1966 and 1968 when he created light shows for their performances at the Roundhouse and UFO and went on to design the lighting for the band’s UK, European and American gigs and tours as well as having worked with Roger Waters, Radiohead, U2 and many others. Tickets for the 27th October concert are now on sale via the Cambridge Live Trust website.

New Musical Express

Men On The Border and Sandviken’s Symphony Orchestra at Kulturcentrum, Sandviken

Men On The Border will perform a specially written concert together with Sandviken’s Symphony Orchestra later in the year. The concert will take place on 24th of September in Sandviken, at the Kulturcentrum and will be a combination of rock music, symphonic arrangements and storytelling called ‘A Summer of Love’. 1966 was the year that things really started to happen for Pink Floyd and the band’s co-founder and main creative force Syd Barrett became a major star, particularly when their second single ‘See Emily Play’ made large inroads on the pop charts in the summer of 1967. But it wasn’t all sweetness and light and during the autumn of 1967 Syd collapsed. Hear more in September.

The story ‘A Summer of Love’ will be written and narrated by the band’s singer, Goran Nystrom, who has also toured and narrated his own concept ‘7 Deadly Sins’ with tribute band P-Floyd during the autumn of 2015, to glorious reviews and audience response.

Sandvikens symfoniorkester foto_04

Sandvikens Symphony Orchestra in concert.