Sound & Vision

Europe’s Burning (2022)

February 26th, 2022, we performed at Gyllene Cirkeln on Sveavägen in Stockholm. Guests that evening were Janne Schaffer and Anders F. Rönnblom. As the Russian attack on the Ukraine had occurred only two days before the concert, Anders wanted to perform his song Europa Brinner. So we learned the song that day and played it in the evening. It felt so strong that we decided to record our own version and this we did just a couple of weeks later, with both Anders and fab songbird Amanda Örtenhag guesting. Göran translated the Swedish lyrics to English.

Astronomy Domine (2022).

Released in February 2022, this single comprises two songs. Astronomy Domine is our very special version of the first song on the first Pink Floyd album. A bit of a challenge, but I think we did it justice. The second song is one of ours: Asteroids. So both songs have a kind of spacial theme. The “special” with Asteroids is the guest guitarist – Janne Schaffer. Janne has had a long career since the beginning of the 70’s working as guitarist and arranger for various artists (ABBA, Ted Gärdestad), as well as songwriting for the Electric Banana Band and his own many solo albums. It was fantastic to have Janne onboard for Asteroids!

Cover art by Alex Teglbjaerg

Holding Out (2021).

A year ago we were asked if we would like to interpret an Anders F Rönnblom song “Hon Håller Ut Över Vintern”, which was originally released in 1971 on the album “Din Barndom Skall Aldrig Dö”. The song has now been released on Rönnblom’s 3-CD 50th anniversary album. The interpretations are being released to streaming sites one by one, and ours is out now.

Cover photography by Anders Hannola

Blackbirds (2021)

The album Blackbirds is now out on streaming sites. In addition to all the songs on the vinyl Blackbird album, four more great tracks have been added: Arnold Layne, Lucifer Sam, Here I Go and the weird and wonderful Bike/Ted Balding with the Weather. You can find the whole album on Spotify (link in the title above), iTunes and YouTube.

Blackbirds cover art by Ian Barrett

Blackbird – vinyl edition

A collection of singles and new songs on orange vinyl. Collector’s item! Released June 2020.

Blackbird cover art by Ian Barrett

See Emily Play (2020)

Single recorded at Slowbeat Studio in Gävle, Sweden. Guests included Steven Kautzky Andersson on guitar and Peter Holmstedt on bass. B/w Grantchester Meadows.

Cover art: Alexander Taegleberg

Jumpstart Redux (2019)

A revised and remixed version of our Jumpstart album. Originally released on CD in 2013.

Long Gone – live (2017)

Released in February 2017.

  1. Long Gone. Written by Syd Barrett and arranged for Sandvikens Symphony Orchestra by Tomas Agnas. Guest lead vocal Rachel Barrett (the butterfly in the middle). Live at the Corn Exchange, Cambridge, UK.
  2. Something for the waiting. Written by Olle Ljungström and arranged for Sandvikens Symphony Orchestra by Tomas Agnas. Live at Dalhalla, Sweden.

Live in Brighton (2015)

In June 2015, we played at The Prince Albert in Brighton, UK. The concert was recorded and released 14th November, 2015.

Jumpstart (2013)

This album includes two Syd Barrett songs and one song written by Swedish artist Olle Ljungstrom. Original cover art by Ian Barrett and Kajsa-Tuva Henriksson. This original version is only available in gatefold CD-format. Contact us for details on how to purchase.

Shine! (2012)

Made up entirely of interpretations of songs taken from Syd Barrett’s solo albums. Original cover art by artist Kajsa-Tuva Henriksson. This album is also available in CD-format. Contact us for details on how to purchase.

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Baby Lemonade animation by Steve Bobinski.
See Emily Play, recorded February 2020 at Slowbeat Studio, Gävle.
Grantchester Meadows, recorded February 2020 at Slowbeat Studio, Gävle, Sweden.
Teatern, Folkets Hus Sandviken, with Steven Kautzky Andersson on electric guitar.