“A Summer of Love” with the Sandviken Symphony Orchestra

The concert at the Kulturcentrum theatre in Sandviken will be a multimedia event and will tell the story of Syd Barrett’s split with Pink Floyd and events following the split. The story will be illustrated with film, photos and music from Barrett’s solo albums “The Madcap Laughs” and “Barrett”, all of which has been reinterpreted by Men On The Border. The concert will also feature the band’s own songs which often have a Barrett theme. All songs have been arranged for the 50-piece Sandviken Symphony Orchestra by Tomas Agnas and Bertil Fält. Tickets can be purchased from Kulturcentrum.

As well as guest appearances by Jan Stumsner (guitarist) and Peter Holmstedt (bassist) from P-Floyd, the concert will also feature British theatrical director and writer David Gale, as narrator.