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Men On The Border was born from the loins of Goeran Nystroem and Philip J Etheridge in the autumn of 2011. As life-long fans of psychedelia, playing around with half-finished Syd Barrett songs in a studio for half a year launched us into a world of colour and sound. The project turned unexpectedly into a full album of interpretations (Shine!). This was followed up with the album Jumpstart in 2013, revamped in 2019 as Jumpstart Redux. A number of singles and a live album have also been released with both our own and Barrett’s songs. The latest release was Blackbird, on orange vinyl, in 2020. An expanded version, Blackbirds, is now out on streaming sites (February 2021).

In addition to guitarist Odd Westby, who has been with us since 2015, drummer Michael Wahlin joined us in 2019. Bass virtuoso Peter Holmstedt added his superb touch to our last single (See Emily Play/Grantchester Meadows) in 2020 and is right now rehearsing with us for possible gigs. If the coronavirus pandemic situation eases off. 

Live, of course we present a multimedia experience! Long live the weird!